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PTS available at Fluid Power Engineering

We utilize the Parker Tracking System (PTS). The Parker tracking system it’s a comprehensive asset management solution component-tagging technology that is helping us to stay better connected with the equipment and the machinery.

Parker Tracking System helps achieve uptime goals by labeling components with critical information to manage assets, such as:

  • Customer & Project Information
  • Bill of Material (Components, Accessories, Dimensions, Specifications, etc.)
  • Application Data (Assembly Date, System Information, Installation Location, etc.)
  • Replacement Details & History

Parker Tracking System tags can then be easily scanned with the PTS Mobile App (iPhone & Android) to get an overview of component condition and approaching replacement date.

PTS – Parker Tracking System
PTS – Parker Tracking System

PTS is one of the industry’s most comprehensive and widely distributed asset-tagging and tracking systems, and the mobile app is the perfect jobsite companion.

PTS – Parker Tracking System

Fluid Power Engineering is official applier of Parker Tracking System

Our trained professionals come to your site with fully stocked van – the HOSE DOCTOR- to identify, diagnose and replace hose assemblies on hydraulic systems. Plus they’re available anytime for any of your service and repair needs.

  • Faster, More Accurate Hose Assembly Replacement
  • Custom Information Encoded in a Hose Tag
  • Through more than 13,000 service partners, Parker works with you to provide advanced, on-site audit and maintenance planning services.


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