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The Quality Policy of FPE is as follows:
  • Pursue high standards of quality management as an integral part of efficient management of the business and ensure that decisions about other priorities take proper account of quality requirements.
  • Comply with all legislative requirements pertaining to quality as the minimum standard;
  • Develop systems and procedures that deliver the high standards sought, and in particular provide for:

Well maintained facilities and systems that are safe and without risk to the environment.
Adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to enable work to be carried out safely by operators with the necessary competence.
Natural resources management.
Waste minimization.
Managing of waste disposal including recycling where appropriate.

  • Develop and review clear quality performance indicators including:

Annual quality objectives.
Training achievement.

  • Review and, if necessary, revise this policy on an annual basis.
  • It is the responsibility of management and employees to implement this policy together with their collective and individual responsibilities.
  • Industrial, defence and aerospace hydraulics has appointed competent quality manager whose duties are set out in the quality manual.
  • The Managing Director has overall responsibility for this policy.
“Fluid Power Engineering – Industrial, Defense and Aerospace Engineering” considers successful quality management and continual improvement to be of prime importance.
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